10 Best Foot Creams for Cracked Heels and Baby-Soft Soles

Repair Foot Cream:

Known for its intensive moisturizing formula, Eucerin helps repair dry, cracked heels and provides long-lasting hydration.

Norwegian Formula Foot Cream:

Neutrogena's concentrated formula is designed to soothe and heal dry, rough feet. It contains glycerin and beeswax for intense moisture.

Healthy Feet Foot Cream:

O'Keeffe's is a popular choice for extremely dry, cracked feet. It features a non-greasy formula with glycerin and allantoin.

Coconut Foot Cream:

Infused with coconut oil and other natural ingredients, Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream helps rejuvenate and moisturize tired feet.

Flexitol Heel Balm:

Developed to moisturize and hydrate dry, cracked heels, Flexitol Heel Balm contains urea and other emollients to soften and smooth the skin.

Cracked Skin:

Gehwol's Med Salve is a German-made foot cream containing a blend of essential oils, panthenol, and bisabolol to nourish and repair cracked skin.

Softening Foot Cream:

Gold Bond's Ultimate Softening Foot Cream is enriched with shea butter, vitamins, and peptides to provide intense moisture and improve skin texture.

Mineral Foot Cream:

Ahava's foot cream contains Dead Sea minerals, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid to soften calluses and cracked skin while promoting a healthy skin barrier.

Renewing SA Foot Cream:

CeraVe's foot cream features salicylic acid and ammonium lactate to exfoliate and moisturize dry, rough feet while helping to restore the skin's natural barrier.

Shea Butter Foot Cream:

Infused with shea butter and lavender oil, L'Occitane's foot cream is known for its luxurious texture and ability to nourish and soothe tired feet.