11 Things to Never Buy at a Thrift Shop

Due to hygiene and potential issues with pests, it's generally recommended to buy mattresses and bedding items new.

1. Mattresses and Bedding

Items like bike helmets, car seats, and safety equipment should always be purchased new to ensure they meet current safety standards.

2. Safety Gear and Helmets

Hygiene and comfort are important when it comes to underwear, so it's best to buy these items new.

3. Underwear and Intimate Apparel

While thrift shops often have electronics, it's important to test them before purchasing to ensure they work properly. Avoid buying untested electronics.

4. Electronics without Testing

Toys with small parts that could be a choking hazard should be carefully inspected or avoided altogether.

5. Children's Toys with Small Parts

Stuffed animals without a washable cover can be difficult to clean thoroughly, potentially harboring germs or allergens.

6. Stuffed Animals with No Washable Cover

Cookware with scratched or damaged non-stick coatings can be a health concern, as they may release harmful chemicals during cooking.

7. Cookware with Damaged Non-Stick Coating

Ill-fitting shoes can cause discomfort and potential foot problems. It's important to find shoes that fit well and provide proper support.

8. Shoes That Don't Fit Properly

Always check expiration dates on food, cosmetics, and personal care products to ensure they are safe for use.

9. Expired Food or Personal Care Items

Car seat technology evolves to meet current safety standards. It's best to buy new car seats or safety gear to ensure they provide the highest level of protection.

10. Old Car Seats or Safety Gear

While some thrifted items may have minor flaws, it's important to avoid purchasing items that are significantly damaged or broken beyond repair.

11. Broken or Damaged Items

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