7 Sneaky Signs You Could Have Iron Deficiency

Unusual Fatigue

One of the most prevalent iron deficiency symptoms is fatigue. Iron's part in hemoglobin synthesis helps oxygenate tissues.

Shortness Of Breath

Iron deficiency can lead to low hemoglobin levels, which means your body might struggle to transport oxygen efficiently, causing shortness of breath.

Headaches And Dizziness

An iron deficiency can lead to a lack of oxygen reaching the brain, resulting in headaches and dizziness.

Heart Palpitations

Without enough iron, the heart has to work harder to transport oxygen, which can lead to irregular heartbeats or the feeling that your heart is beating abnormally fast.

Hair Loss

When your body is low on iron, hair follicles may not get enough oxygen, leading to hair loss.

Cold Hands And Feet

Iron deficiency can result in poor blood circulation, which might leave your extremities feeling unusually cold.

Brittle Nails

This condition can also cause nails to become weak, brittle, or spoon-shaped.