8 Neutral Small Living Room Ideas That Are Truly Not Vanilla

Shades Of Toast

Who said neutral colors were all white and ivory? Lean into toasty and caramel shadesfor a cozy hit and your space will be far from cold or boring.


In order to keep the space interesting and warm, use layers and textiles to add pops of color.

Include Nods To Nature

The neutral layers, gentle patterns, and natural materials in this little room provide beautiful visual design intrigue.


No matter how modest a neutral living room, personality is welcome. Display your uniqueness with artwork and unusual home items.

Color Palette

Neutrals make the perfect canvas for motifs, even in a small living room.Textures and patterns in a neutral space can have a big impact.

Reflective Accents

Reflective components like a mirror with an elegant gold or silver frame may make even the smallest room look bigger.

Soothing Lighting

Thoughtful small living room lighting ideas are essential when decorating with neutrals, whether you are blessed with natural light or not.

 Crafted And Natural 

A tiny neutral living room will look taller with taller houseplants, and their natural curves, texture, and brilliant green color will offset a light room well.