9 Ways An Alpha Male Acts In A Relationship

1. Confident and self-assured

They're also confident in getting what they want, especially women. They don't allow self-doubt impair their judgment or depress them. They pursue their goals without apology.

2. Courageous and opportunistic

They still worry about their abilities, but they do it regardless. They overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

3. Fiercely Protective

He will defend his lover at any costs, which might make him hostile. He may not fight, but he will show his disdain if you were mistreated.

4. Take-charge attitude

They know when to follow, but their eagerness to lead means they seldom do. Alpha guys usually find problems first and act quickly.

5. Self-aware of his strengths and weaknesses

Alpha males recognize their strengths and shortcomings. His shortcomings don't limit him. Instead, he embraces or improves them. He is self-confident yet realistic about his talents.

6. Values his body

Alpha males may not be the strongest, but they take care of their bodies. He is active, whether he goes to the gym or not.

7. Honest to a fault

Alpha men are open about their opinions. They say what they think, even when it's hard. They don't want to harm you, but their directness may.

8. Emotionally intelligent and controlled

Alpha males are self-aware. He understands himself, what he wants, and what he hates. He's skilled at sharing this knowledge.

9. Driven and determined

Alpha men know their goals. Goal-oriented, they act to achieve goals. These folks want to improve everywhere. Determined, disciplined, and persistent.

10. Presents himself well

Alpha males want to look and feel fantastic. These attractive people put their best foot forward. They always look well and dress correctly. They like looking well. 

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