DIY Room Decor Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Put your favorite images in different shapes and sizes on a wall to make a photo collage. Use photo frames, clipboards, or paste them to the wall in a pleasing manner.

DIY Wall Art: Express your creativity by painting or abstracting. Paint on canvases or old wooden planks to make unique wall art.

Macramé Wall Hangings: Use knots and patterns to make macramé wall hangings. Online tutorials explain the process. These give your space a boho look.

DIY Shelves and Display Units: Use old crates, wooden planks, or metal piping to make shelves. These exhibit plants, books, and decorations well.

Personalized Throw Pillows: Use different fabrics, designs, and textures to construct your own pillow coverings. This might personalize your living room or bedroom.

Repurposed Furniture: Paint or revamp existing furniture with new knobs and handles. Refinishing or decorating a dresser can revitalize it.

Hanging Planters: Use macramé holders or mason jars or tin cans to make hanging planters. Fill these with herbs or tiny plants for a natural look.

Mirror Mosaic: Use shattered or small mirror pieces to mosaic a table, frame, or wall. Glue mirrored parts to create unique designs.

Fabric Wall Hangings: Use embroidery, tie-dye, or other fabrics to make tapestries. These provide color and texture to walls.

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