Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen

Make It Cozy

Make your kitchen cozy by adding plenty of plants and textiles. Handmade quilts, rugs, and pillows help to add some color to this often all-white room.

Extra-Deep Sink

Not only does an extra-deep farmhouse sink look good, but it's also super convenient for cleaning and for extra space while you're doing the dishes.

Hang Up Artwork

The kitchen might not be an obvious room to display your art collection, but you should definitely take advantage of those empty walls.

Recoat White

Consider unifying everything with a fresh coat of white paint. This will give your kitchen a clean look, especially if the space is older.

Experiment With Wood

If you're into neutrals and more rustic elements, then experimenting with wood is the right move for you

Vary Texture

Introducing a mix of different textures and materials to your kitchen will give it an instant visual interest.


Changing the fixtures will transform your kitchen, whether you choose monochrome barn lights or a vintage lantern.