Eight Stunning Attractions To Add To Your North American Bucket List

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

The granddaddy of all the continent’s canyons is simply breathtaking, no matter how one looks at it.

Havasu Falls,USA

This romantic waterfall cascades in a lonely place outside the national park. The environment is stunning, with honey-colored gorges, waterfalls, and blue-green pools.

Old San Juan,Puerto Rico

Spanish-Colonial homes in shades of lemon, violet, peach and spearmint brighten Old San Juan or Viejo San Juan, the most historic part of Puerto Rico’s capital.

Stanley Park,Canada

Vancouver's lengthy waterfront path winds through Stanley Park, past beaches, blooming gardens, hemlock forests, and a small railway.

Big Sur, California, USA

The entire Highway 1 or Pacific Coast Highway and pretty much everything along its wiggling way could justifiably be counted among North America's most beautiful attractions.

Copper Canyon,Mexico

Located in the desert of northwest Mexico, Copper Canyon features some of the most marvelous vistas in the country

Denali National Park, Alaska, USA

 Alpine woodland, snowy slopes, glaciers, Dall's sheep, wolves, and brown and black bears make the park beautiful.

Yellowstone National Park,USA

Yellowstone Lake, whose shimmering surface is believed to conceal a whole new world of geysers, hot springs and canyons like those in the rest of the park.