Foods You Don't Need To Buy Organic


The thick skin of avocados provides a natural barrier against pesticide residue, making them safe to consume non-organically.

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn typically has low pesticide residue and is often non-GMO, making it safe to buy conventionally.


Pineapples have a hard, protective skin that keeps the inner fruit relatively free from pesticide exposure.


Cabbage doesn't require many pesticides during cultivation due to its natural resistance to pests.


Onions have natural compounds that repel pests, reducing the need for pesticide use and making them safe to buy non-organic.

Sweet Peas

Frozen sweet peas generally have low levels of pesticide residues, making them safe for non-organic consumption


The thick skin of papayas protects the fruit from pesticides, but some are GMO, so choose organic if that's a concern.


Asparagus has a natural resistance to many pests, minimizing the need for pesticide application.