The Best 10 Ways to Attract Winter Birds

Energy Foods:

Offer a variety of high-energy foods such as black oil sunflower seeds, suet, peanuts, and nyjer (thistle) seeds.

Suet Feeders:

Hang suet feeders to attract woodpeckers, chickadees, and nuthatches. Suet is a valuable source of fat that helps birds.

Bird Feeders:

Use bird feeders with multiple perches to accommodate several birds at once. This encourages social.

Ground Feeding:

Scatter seeds, cracked corn, or millet on the ground or use a ground feeder to attract ground-feeding birds like sparrows.

Heated Bird Baths:

Provide a heated bird bath to offer birds a water source that won't freeze. Birds need water for drinking and bathing even in winter.

Winter Berries and Fruit:

Plant shrubs and trees that produce winter berries, such as holly, juniper, and crabapple.

Roosting Spots:

Some birds may use nesting boxes as roosting spots during the winter. Place birdhouse.

Offer Nyjer seed:

Use a specialized feeder with small openings to dispense nyjer seed, attracting finches like goldfinches and pine siskins.

Sheltered Areas:

Plant dense evergreen trees and shrubs to create sheltered areas where birds can find protection from cold winds and predators.

Patient and Consistent:

It may take some time for birds to discover and trust new feeding stations. Be patient.

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