How Colors Affect Our Mood And Emotions

Warm Colors

Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange can make us feel excited, happy, and optimistic.

Bright Red

However, in certain tones, they can make us feel like we need to take action. An example of this is the color red in caution signs.


Purple is also known to make people feel more creative, hence its cultural significance in rock music.


Browns can make us feel strong and reliable, but in large quantities it makes us sad.

Green Means Quality

We associate green with freshness and also with quality.Generally, the lighter and brighter the shade of a color is, the more effective it will be in lifting our mood.

Black And white

In Western cultures, black is associated with mourning, whereas white is associated with mourning in Eastern cultures.

Pastels For Relaxation

Pastels like baby blue, lilac, and mint make us feel calm and relaxed. Cream also has a relaxing effect.