Impressive Qualities Of Sigma Female Personality

1. Independent

Sigma girls often leave typical corporate contexts because power and hierarchical structures are as inviting to them as sour milk.

2. Her Friends and Family Depend on Her

When it comes to friendships, Sigma women prioritize quality over quantity. They don't need many pals to feel loved, protected, and secure. They prefer intimate ties instead. 

3. Might be stylish, but not trendy

They wear what they like, whether it's from Chanel's current collection or Walmart's couture brand...approximately 1987. 

4. She Exudes Mystery

Sigmas are seldom repulsive, but they may avoid expressing themselves, making them more enigmatic.

5. Smart but not leadership-minded

A sigma-led department allows everyone to shine, and hierarchical procedures are just a suggestion. Instead, they usually lead collaborative teams. 

6. She's Scary

Sigmas may be terrifying due to their rebellious attitude and forthrightness. But as you get to know them, you'll see they're far from overbearing. 

7. She Speaks Out

Sigmas are the most vocal of the feminine personality types. She speaks what she means and means what she says — and she makes no apologies for it.

8. She Values Kindness Over Status

Sigma females aren't shallow. They don't envy what others have, and they'd rather be associated with a lovely person with little worldly possessions than a tremendously "successful" magpie. 

9. She Takes Risks

Sigma women, to quote Robert Frost, choose the path less traveled and may be risky. They abandon "safe" relationships and jobs without hesitation. 

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