Seven Evergreen Azalea Hybrids We Love

Aromi Hybrids

Like their better-known deciduous counterparts, the evergreen Aromi hybrids were bred to tolerate the heat in the South.

Belgian Indica Hybrids

These hybrids were originally developed for greenhouse forcing. Where winter lows don't dip below 20°F, many of them serve well as landscape plants.

Bloom-A-Thon hybrids

If you want your garden decked out in flowers most of the year, a Bloom-a-Thon azalea is the perfect pick. Bred in Seneca, South Carolina, by Bob Head, Bloom-a-Thon hybrids bloom multiple times a year

Encore Hybrids

This is a series of azaleas that rebloom, providing color in spring, summer, and fall. Varieties like 'Autumn Embers' and 'Autumn Twist' are favorites for their vibrant colors and long blooming periods.

Gumpo Azalea

This variety is known for its late bloom (often in June), offering a splash of color when most other azaleas have finished flowering. It has large white or pink flowers and a low, spreading habit.

Hershey's Red Azalea

This azalea is prized for its deep red flowers and glossy green foliage. It's a compact grower, making it suitable for smaller gardens or as a border plant.

Mother's Day Azalea

Celebrated for its bright pink flowers that typically bloom around Mother's Day, this azalea has a neat, mounded form and is quite hardy.