Seven Excellent Egg Recipes

Egg muffins are an excellent breakfast choice. Try baking them with ham, red bell peppers, and spring onion.


Try baking eggs into avocado halves. Season with salt and pepper for a healthful start to the day.

Baked Avocado

Smoked salmon, cheese, and dried onion make an excellent accompaniment to packed eggs. Perfect for an appetizer.

Stuffed Eggs 

This traditional British-Indian dish includes fish (typically haddock), rice, peas, and hard-boiled eggs.


This basic meal works exceptionally well. Diced potatoes, tomato, chorizo, and eggs go fantastic together.

Cazuela abuela 

An egg-stuffed chapati is an excellent combination. It's filling, yet it still works well as an appetizer before a curry.


Eggs make an excellent topping for baked pies. Fill with spinach and cheese for an excellent flavor combination.