Signs You're Sabotaging Your Relationship, And How To Stop


Cheating isn’t always pure lust. A person may cheat to either consciously or unconsciously end the relationship, especially if they feel they don’t deserve love or their partner.

Lack Of Commitment

Lack of commitment happens when the relationship progresses and titles like boyfriend or fiancée are natural, but you won't say the words or commit to any deeper feelings.

Holding Grudges

Holding grudges is common relationship sabotaging behavior, which often stems from your own insecurity and feelings of inferiority.

Not Communicating

A number of self-sabotaging behaviors involve not communicating clearly or openly, which can be very damaging to the relationship.


"Mind-reading" includes presuming someone else's feelings or understanding without open conversation. This is the main cause of relationship misconceptions.

Passive Aggression

Passive-aggressive behavior can come from a part of you that’s afraid or uncomfortable with experiencing the negative emotions of confrontation.

Withholding Gratitude

Gratitude helps relationships last. Withholding thanks, whether intentional or not, shows your partner you take them for granted.