Small Kitchen Ideas To Design Your Small Cooking Space

1. Include a prep area

A sleek movable kitchen cart to keep your mise en place or increase counter space can work if your space is limited. A narrow console can hold equipment and materials.

2. Go for invisible hardware

Has your hand ever felt jabbed when holding against a counter? You're neat and tidy, therefore using invisible hardware will give you a clear surface to see the material.

3. Declutter and organize your cabinets

Add pot and pan risers and lid organizers. Add creative storage to maximize space.

4. Creatively install a dish washer

Choose a non-rusty dishwasher that drains straight into the sink to maximize space. Your interior designer can assist.

5. Include a kitchen island

Add some seats to an island in your dining room or living room to spice up the evening. An island with thin legs is excellent.

6. Play with the colors

Lighter hues expand and liven up a room. Bring the outdoors in and appreciate the natural palette. Play with lighter backsplash, countertops, walls, and millwork colors. 

7. Color it white

The lightest hue, white, creates vibrancy and spaciousness. Walls can be painted white, shelves loaded with white mugs and plates. The dining chairs and table console can be painted white.

8. Add double bank wall cabinets

An extra row of wall cabinets will expand your little kitchen. You paint them white to make them appear bigger. To add style, use a vibrant centerpiece.

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