The 10 Highest Calorie Fast Food Items in America

Monster Thickburger:

Known for its large size and high-calorie content.

Triple Baconator:

A triple patty burger with bacon and cheese, contributing to a high-calorie count.

Ultimate Breakfast Platte:

A combination of various breakfast items, often with high-calorie content.

Triple Whopper:

The Whopper is a signature burger with a large patty, and opting for a double or triple increases the calorie count significantly.

Super Sonic Cheeseburger:

A substantial burger offered at Sonic with high-calorie ingredients.

Big Mac:

McDonald's iconic burger, known for its special sauce, has a significant calorie count.

Western Bacon Cheeseburger:

Another high-calorie option from Carl's Jr., featuring bacon and cheese.


A burger with a name that reflects its high bacon content.


This burger from Carl's Jr. can be calorie-dense with its generous toppings.

Chicken Alfredo Bread Bowl Pasta>

While pizza is often associated with fast food, certain pasta dishes can also contribute to a high calorie intake.

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