The Top 10 Grocery Items That Go To Waste, According To A New Survey

Fruits And Vegetables

Often perish quickly due to their natural composition, leading to wastage when not consumed in a timely manner.


Prone to mold and staleness, bread is frequently wasted if not used quickly or stored properly.

Dairy Products

Including milk, cheese, and yogurt, these have short shelf lives and are disposed of once they pass their expiration dates.


Safety concerns lead to the disposal of meat products close to or past their use-by dates.


Similar to meat, eggs are often discarded when they approach expiration, due to health risks associated with spoiled eggs.

Prepared Meals

Leftovers from both home-cooked meals and restaurant takeout are commonly wasted, especially when stored improperly or forgotten.

Herbs And Spices

These lose potency over time and are frequently thrown away when they're no longer effective for flavoring dishes.


Unused portions of sauces, dressings, and spreads often end up in the trash, particularly those used infrequently.

Baked Goods

Items like cakes, pastries, and cookies can quickly go stale, leading to wastage.

Canned Goods

Once opened, these need to be used within a certain timeframe; otherwise, they spoil and are discarded.