The World's Best Puddings


The history (and origins) of sorbet is a little hard to pin down. It's believed the first frozen desserts date back to at least 4,000 BC, served in ice houses in Mesopotamia.

Ma’amoul, Egypt

These cookies, made with butter and semolina, can be traced back to ancient Egypt, though today they're hugely popular across the Middle East and North Africa.

M’Hanncha, Morocco

This Moroccan specialty is called a snake cake because the long tube of filo pastry loaded with aromatic almond paste is coiled around the circular baking tin.

Thapthim krop, Thailand

The water chestnuts at the heart of this dish are soaked in grenadine before being boiled in tapioca flour, giving them a gelatinous texture and beautiful red colour.

Dadar gulung, Indonesia

Pandan leaves in the batter give these Indonesian pancakes their bright green color, making it one of the country's most popular snacks.

Cannoli, Italy

The cannoli is one of Italy’s oldest desserts, with some food historians tracing it back to the turn of the first millennium, when Sicily was under Arab rule.

Crème caramel, France

This wonderfully wobbly French dessert begins with a dark caramel being poured into a mould before a vanilla custard is added.