Which Dog Should You Get Based On Your Star Sign?

Aries: Doberman Pinscher

Both Aries and these dogs are brave, confident, and strong. Plus, the Doberman Pinscher is one of the world’s finest guard dogs.

Taurus: Boxer

Tauruses value family and loyalty, and Boxers are simultaneously playful and protective, making them a great companion for kids as well.

Gemini: Parson Russell Terrier

Similar to the Gemini’s two-sided personality, the small Parson Russell Terrier is tough and fearless, but also playful, loving, and sociable.

Cancer: Chow Chow

This sign is sensitive, but can be moody, which is why the Chow Chow makes a good fit: they are loving and similarly selective about who they form bonds with.

Leo: Pug

Like Leos, pugs are cheerful, confident, and irresistible companions who have a deep love of life.

Virgo: Bloodhound

Both detail-oriented and hardworking, the Bloodhound’s dedication to following scents may satisfy the Virgo’s dedication to serving others.

Libra: Siberian Husky

Along with gentleness and balance, Libras value loyalty and friendship, all of which the Siberian Husky’s companionship can provide.

Scorpio: Schipperke 

Scorpios are intense, passionate, and fierce, and require a lively dog like the Schipperke to match their energy.

Sagittarius: Beagle

For the curious, wandering Sagittarius who follows their whims, the Beagle (who follows his nose) shares that extroverted personality and great sense of humor.